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Okay, not really Chapter One but I had a read of these two sections of the book. The section Gratitude was worthwhile because it reminds me that I am reading a book written by another human being who is growing and changing. The paradigm shift really seemed the goal we are about here, an inspiration for us. Two statements stood out to me
1. "Most parents already know how to control children gently, what we don't know is how to NOT control them and live in peace and joy with them." pg. xiv This really hits home for me as I most of the time i am happy not trying to control the girls. But I do need to live in peace and joy with them. Because the alternative of letting them sort of run riot over us and each other creates chaos and doesn't make anyone happy. So I'm here for some peace and joy in our home....
2. "Love is only love when there are no conditions. The moment love is used as a reward for behavior or achievement,..."pg xv. I think sometimes I am conditional with my love unconsciously, like when I am unhappy with something they are doing I just sort of withdraw into myself. I'm not sure about that but I suspect some TW would help.

If anyone else wants to have a look at these two sections and add anything that would be great, otherwise how about we do pages 1-22 (up to Rewind)?
Lets aim to start discussing it one week from today? See how you go. If you need more time or want to start discussing it a few days early go for it.

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Got to find my copy of the book.  I have a bad habit of giving good ones away--hoping I held onto this copy!  Off to search....

living and learning with Joe, Dmitri (3), and baby due in November 2008

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A week is reasonable for me. If anyone would prefer a longer period of time, please speak up!

Unschooling mama to Aidan (4) and Summer (2).
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